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Left to right Apache Professional Guitar, Shawnee Deluxe Guitar, Raritan Smaller body Jumbo Guitar.
We have 17 models of guitars for you to choose from.

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 The world has been waiting for this level of value in guitars,  musical instruments along with our famous Haven hot tubs. Now we offer solar systems to get you off the grid and have some freedom from the "web" of the "grid".

Gruver Guitars Site

Hello, You can buy Havenhead music
on Soundclick, Amazon, i Tunes, and on
the The Spa Specialist web site.

The finest quality electric and acoustic guitars for a lot less money.  We offer inexpensive and quality so you can learn to play without all the frustration of the old style of cheap guitars that have bad tone and "finger hurting" fret boards.  The action are easy on Gruver Guitars and can be taken from beginner all the way to professional playing.  If you are looking for a way to get rid of the "economic" blues, then start playing music. The guitar is the easiest instrument to learn to play.  You can play a song with your Gruver Guitar  the first day you get your guitar.